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Our Mission & Outreach

To Create SPACE.

Five Points Chapel is an affiliate and DBA of non-profit Live Love Brigade Inc. We are an all-accepting, open-door assembly. We welcome ALL humans to enter and enjoy our space, as equality and love are at the root of our foundation and beliefs. We celebrate the acceptance of all belief systems. Simply put, we believe in LOVE. Although we are within a church, we are of no particular denomination, and welcome anyone and everyone to celebrate their own beliefs within our walls of our historic church building.  


Our primary outreach mission is supporting foster families and children in foster care. With proceeds generated through our events, we are able to hold our free public and private events for children in foster care (see a few adventures below!), such as our bi-annual Toy Drives, Photos with Santa, Photos & Visits with the Easter Bunny, and kid markets. For the community’s foster families we offer free adoption parties, and our space functions as a free venue for other non-profits, for things such as: markets, fundraisers, meetings, and seminars. We are always happy to discuss participating and volunteering!

THIS creates the heart which beats throughout our space. 


Live Love Brigade holds semi-monthly gatherings: "Meetings of the hearts," to discuss life, love, and ways to further the belief system that all humans deserve equality. We believe that all beliefs can be profound and have a common thread at the core. All are welcome. "Everyone Belongs" is one of our many mantras.

Meetings are held at Five Points Chapel, at 702 Margaret St Jacksonville FL 32204. 

Call 904.351.6692 for more information or email us.  

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